Privacy Policy

Due to the fact the Republic of Poland being a European Union member, all personal data is processed in compliance with the goals and spirit originating from GDPR (in Polish transition – RODO) and all other rules and legal norms obligatory in the territory of Poland. Privacy Policy can be amended without prior notification to the website users.

Types of information processed and stored by the website operator, Mondaily sp. z o.o. NIP 113-306-04-44, registered in Warsaw, with the main office located at ZWYCIĘZCÓW 28 / 15 03-938 WARSZAWA.

In order to provide its services in an effective way by the operator on its website, applications, chats, phone calls, email and postal correspondents personal data is being processed.

Data being processed for the purpose of providing service:

1. Account (with username, password, profile photo)
2. Contact data (including email address and phone number)
3. Geolocalization details (including physical address, correspondence address, registration address)
4. Identification data (name, surname, ID, proof of address such as bank statement)
5. Information identifying the company (KRS, VAT, NIP, type of company)
6. Content generated by user activity on the website (offers, history of services done, rating of past services, photos, attachments, history of chats and further correspondents between users)

Additional information being processed by the operator of Mondaily.com

Website operators are storing records of interaction of users, including these related to products, services and technical support available on ofertio.pl. By interactions it is meant every single visit on the website and activity on it (clicks on the localization, any website elements, keywords looked for, visited sites within domain, time spent on each of them). In order to provide services, there can be introduced an option of gathering GPS coordinates of users. In order to provide teleinformatic services, especially optimization of website performance, the operator of the website is gathering data about the device used for visiting the website (type of device, specs, software used, IP, MAC, login details, language settings).

Hyperlinks to the third party content

On the Mondaily.com user may find hyperlinks to other websites. Links can originate from the website operator himself, entities collaborating with the operator. Hyperlinks not belonging to the operator are within his control and therefore he cannot be held liable for their content. Before providing any personal data on such websites we recommend acknowledging their privacy policy as well as terms and conditions.

The way of using and processing personal data by the Mondaily.com operator

Information collected and processed by the website operator are being used for the purpose of providing services and functionality of the website. Expect scope of services and functionality:

1. Providing contractual mediation services allowing entering of users into the contractual relations
2. Providing possibility for users to enter into contractual relations
3. Technical and user support
4. Answering inquiries regarding services provided on the website, offer or complaints
5. Promoting other services, programmes and functionality of the website
6. Fixing errors, testing website performance
7. Data analyzing
8. Meeting obligations arising from the Polish legislation (especially civil and criminal code)
9. For any other reason, to which the user had agreed to.

Searching for the services is done automatically via algorithms. Algorithms can classify service providers by reputation, number or services done, rating, distance from customer, number of reviews or type of the account. Algorithms perform their search using user-generated content (like keywords, reviews or other given data) or by website operator schemes.

Sharing content with third parties

Third parties providing services for the website operator Data provided by users of the website can be used and processed in Poland, outside of Poland (e.g. in the “cloud” by companies providing services for website operator. These third parties are processing these services only for the necessary scope required to perform these services. Such third parties are:

1. operators of infrastructure necessary for Mondaily.com website to operate (hosting services, servers etc.)
2. payment service providers
3. entities responsible for marketing and analyzing website data
4. entities responsible for security measures on the website.

Other parties with which personal data can be shared

1. individuals or entities with which users make direct contact via the website
2. public bodies for the purposes or exercising their legally established rights and duties
3. other entities after a prior acceptance by the user-gen

Access, updating and downloading personal data.

Each user at any moment can request a list of personal data being in possession of the website operator. Unless the applicable law states otherwise, the website operator is obliged to provide such a list as soon as possible and in the least costly form for the website operator (subject to the condition that providing such a list may be related to fees). Most of the personal data of the user is visible after logging in to their own account. To see the rest of the data, a user must contact representatives of the website operator. Personal data can be changed at any moment by the user once logged in to the account.

Additional information:

All the personal data as provided by users are processed by the website operator for the purpose of providing services. Nevertheless, each user is entitled to:

1. Suspension of account or closing it
2. Resignation of receiving marketing content from the operator

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